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Eliana Giambattista

My story started when I came to the United States from a small town in Italy and decided to go to school for my cosmetology license. The 30 years that I have spent working as a professional stylist certainly supported my creative side but it also taught me a great deal about life. I became knowledgeable in customer satisfaction, learning new techniques, as well as taking on new challenges. Outside of being a stylist l have had a passion (niche) for decorating and decluttering homes.  A home should feel like a comfortable space for you to live in, and allow you to enjoy the spaces surrounding you.

Finally I decided to take an (ASP) Accredited Staging Professional course to get certified in home staging and take my creative talent to the next level. This has opened my eyes to new techniques and skills that are helpful for beautifully staging homes. I have had a strong drive since the very beginning as well as an outgoing personality and willingness to complete any task big or small.  Anyone that knows me well will say that I am extremely organized and neat! This has helped me to visualize the best possible ways to go about recreating and opening up a space. Aside from having an overall creative touch,  I believe this to be extremely important in staging a home.

Looking forward to helping you. – Eliana


Accredited Staging Professional